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- A Full Monte Birthday Gift!

- A Happy Birthday song from the Freak'in Frogs!

- Happy Birthday from the Guys!

- No gal can over have too many friends on her birthday

- Nothing is too much trouble on your birthday

 Birthdays - Belated

 Birthdays - Children

 Birthdays - Family

 Birthdays - Special Ages

Events & Milestones

- You still turn me on -- Happy Anniversary!

 Events & Milestones - Anniversary

 Events & Milestones - Bar Mitzvah

 Events & Milestones - Communion

 Events & Milestones - Engagement

 Events & Milestones - Graduation

 -The Love Guru believes that this in no way qualifies you for anything. So good luck!

 Events & Milestones - New Baby

 -Congratulations on your new baby girl!

 -Congratulations on your new baby boy!

 -Your baby will make the future worth living

 -Special delivery from the stork.

 -Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

 Events & Milestones - New Business

 Events & Milestones - New Home

 Events & Milestones - New Job

 Events & Milestones - Retirement

 Events & Milestones - Weddings

Love & Romance

- The Love Guru is sending you love, peace and plenty of [D]evotion, [I]nspiration, [C]larity and [K]nowledge (DICK)!

- Special Valentine's Day Heart

- Valentine's Day Puppy Love

- Valentine's Day Under the Sheets

 Love & Romance - Break Up

 Love & Romance - Flirtatious

 -male/female connection... if you know what I mean!

 -There's a wrong time to flirt - when's a good time for you?

 Love & Romance - I Love You...

 -Special Valentine's Day Heart

 -Valentine's Day Puppy Love

 -Valentine's Day Under the Sheets

 Love & Romance - Make Up

 Love & Romance - Soul Mates

 -Friends stay awhile and leave footprints in our hearts

 -Valentine's Day Under the Sheets

 -We're soulmates

 -Cupid created soulmates

Just A Note

- A fun fishy note

- Just a little note to say hi!

- Dropping you a note just to say hi!

- It's hot, but I'm just sending you a note!

- I just wanted to send you a 'note'

 Just A Note - Congratulations

 -Cuddle with a cute cat: Congrats, you've earned a well needed rest!

 -Your baby will make the future worth living

 Just A Note - Encouragement

 Just A Note - Farewell

 Just A Note - Good News!

 -Good news always comes through

 -Calling with good news

 Just A Note - Great Weekend

 Just A Note - Just Because

 -A little something for you... Just because!

 -Artistic gift... Just because!

 -Just because you are so sweet

 Just A Note - Keep In Touch

 Just A Note - Sympathy

 Just A Note - Welcome Back

Holidays & Seasons

 Holidays & Seasons - 4th of July

 -Uncle Same the Graffiti Artist: Happy 4th of July

 -Happy 4th of July skywriting over cityscape

 -Happy Birthday, America!

 Holidays & Seasons - American Smokeout

 Holidays & Seasons - April Fool's Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Ascension Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Ash Wednesday

 Holidays & Seasons - Assumption Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Aviation Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Baseball Week

 Holidays & Seasons - Bastille Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Boss' Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Canada Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Candy Month

 Holidays & Seasons - Carnival

 Holidays & Seasons - Cartoon Appreciation

 Holidays & Seasons - Chanukah

 -We wanna Christmas Tree!

 -Chanukah, Channuka, Hanuka, Hannukah... I give up!

 -Happy Chanukah

 -Chanukah is like all Jewish holidays... they tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat!

 Holidays & Seasons - Chinese New Year

 Holidays & Seasons - Christmas

 -The joy you give others comes back to you!

 -Christmas Home to Home

 -Happy ChrisMouse!

 -Wishing you a joyous Christmas

 -Christmas... a time for good health and love.

 Holidays & Seasons - Cinco De Mayo

 Holidays & Seasons - Citizenship Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Clown Week

 Holidays & Seasons - Coffee Week

 Holidays & Seasons - Columbus Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Daylight Saving Ends

 Holidays & Seasons - Daylight Savings

 Holidays & Seasons - Dog Week

 Holidays & Seasons - Earthday

 Holidays & Seasons - Easter

 -May the spirit of the season bring strength and love to your soul. Happy Easter!

 -Spring is coming and God's good grace is felt all over the land. Happy Easter!

 -An Easter Egg Basket Treat.

 Holidays & Seasons - Election Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Environment Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Fall Hat Week

 Holidays & Seasons - Father's Day

 -Mike Myers from the Love Guru is Hoping your Father's Day is filled with Glorious Surprises and Delightful Emotions!

 -Dad, it always amazes me how you keep all of your balls in the air without dropping any!

 -Not another tie for Father's Day.

 Holidays & Seasons - Father-In-Law Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Fishing Week

 Holidays & Seasons - Flag Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Friday the 13th

 Holidays & Seasons - Friendship Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Good Friday

 Holidays & Seasons - Grandparent's Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Groundhog Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Halloween

 -Happy Halloween graffiti surprise!

 -A Halloween treat!

 -Spooky Halloween!

 Holidays & Seasons - Ice Cream Month

 Holidays & Seasons - Ides of March

 Holidays & Seasons - Inventor's Month

 Holidays & Seasons - Labor Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Leap Year

 Holidays & Seasons - Little League Month

 Holidays & Seasons - Mardi Gras

 Holidays & Seasons - May Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Memorial Day

 Holidays & Seasons - MLK Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Moon Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Mother's Day

 -Being a mom can be filled with many challenges and frustrations.

 Holidays & Seasons - Mother-In-Law Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Mothering Sunday

 Holidays & Seasons - Mourning Day

 Holidays & Seasons - New Year's

 -My New Year's Resolution is to get as plastered as possible!

 -Happy New Year's? Who's Happy?

 -My New Year's resolution is to avoid thin people at all costs

 -Sexy New Year's Surprise

 Holidays & Seasons - Nurses Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Online Romance

 Holidays & Seasons - Palm Sunday

 Holidays & Seasons - Parent's Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Parks Month

 Holidays & Seasons - Passover

 Holidays & Seasons - President's Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Receptionist's Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Rose Month

 Holidays & Seasons - Rosh Hashanah

 Holidays & Seasons - Seasons

 Holidays & Seasons - Secretaries Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Shavuot

 Holidays & Seasons - Singles Week

 Holidays & Seasons - Smile Week

 Holidays & Seasons - Space Week

 Holidays & Seasons - St. Patrick's Day

 -An Old Irish Blessing on St. Patrick's Day

 -I break for Leprechauns!

 Holidays & Seasons - Stress Awareness

 Holidays & Seasons - Sweetest Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Tax Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Teacher's Week

 Holidays & Seasons - Thanksgiving

 -Time to get together with family and special friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

 -Thank God for the many blessings he has given us.

 -I'm thankful that I only have to see your family once a year!

 -Happy Kill a Turkey and Eat it with Friends and Family Day!

 -Thanksgiving... a day to stuff my face and watch football!

 Holidays & Seasons - United Nations Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Valentine's Day

 -A Valentine Day kiss is a Abyss of Eternal Bliss!

 -I was going to send you my heart...

 -Fish bowl Valentine's Day

 -I love your brain! Happy Valentine's Day!

 -You're my hero. Happy Valentine's Day!

 Holidays & Seasons - Veterans Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Victoria Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Wilderness Week

 Holidays & Seasons - Women Day

 Holidays & Seasons - Yom Kippur

 -Thinking of you on Yom Kippur.

Special Effects

 Special Effects - Flash Cards

 -Superpower friendship!

 -Fish bowl friendship

 Special Effects - Flash Game Cards

 -Be amazed as the Great Regardo reads your mind!

 -Simon Says game card

 Special Effects - Holiday Charm

 Special Effects - Java Game Cards

 Special Effects - Ransom Note

 -A ransom note surprise!

 Special Effects - Snowfall

 Special Effects - The Match Game

 -Fun match game ecard

Baby Cha Cha...

Thinking of You

- I've been thinking of you

- Whatever the situation, thinking of you always cheers me up

- Special memories of the bonds between brothers & sisters

 Thinking of You - I'm sorry...

 -I'm really sorry, will you find it in your heart to forgive me?

 -Coupon -- redeemable for my deepest apologies.

 Thinking of You - Sympathy for a Loss

 Thinking of You - Missing You...

 -Elis and Friends: I miss you!


- Hug everyone you know and everyone you WANT TO KNOW!

- Anytime you need a hug... call me!

- A true friend is somone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart

- It's good having a friend like you when times are tough

- Your my treasure at the end of my rainbow

 Friendship - Buddies

 Friendship - Pen Pals

 Friendship - Woman to Woman

 -Women friends - we are just 2 of a kind

 -Let's shop til we hop

For Any Occasion

- As the Love Guru says: F.L.A.G. - Fun, Loving, Anything Goes!

- Sorry I missed you, had to go out of town unexpectantly

 For Any Occasion - Achievement

 -Team Work

 For Any Occasion - Back To School

 For Any Occasion - Computer Fun

 For Any Occasion - Free Coupons!

 -Coupon -- redeemable for my deepest apologies.

 For Any Occasion - Motivation

 -Dance like nobody's watching, sing like nobody's listening

 -As the Love Guru says: F.L.A.G. - Fun, Loving, Anything Goes!

 For Any Occasion - Nurturing

 For Any Occasion - Travel

 -Have a great good trip, bon voyage!

 -Sorry I missed you, had to go out of town unexpectantly

 For Any Occasion - Useless Gadgets

 -From Anger to Rage and Back

 -Valentine's Day - Decorate your own heart cookie.

Florals & Pets

 Florals & Pets - Dogs

 Florals & Pets - Florals

Arts & Entertainment

 Arts & Entertainment - Sonnets


 Sports - Super Bowl

Gay Pride

 Gay Pride - Gay

 Gay Pride - Lesbian

 Gay Pride - Pride Coupons

 -Coupon -- redeemable for my deepest apologies.


 Invitations - Baby Shower

 -Congratulations on your new baby boy!

 -Congratulations on your new baby girl!

 Invitations - Birthday

 Invitations - Dinner

 Invitations - General

 Invitations - Party

 Invitations - Picnic

Movie Cards

 Movie Cards - The Love Guru

 -Hug everyone you know and everyone you WANT TO KNOW!

 -The Love Guru believes that this in no way qualifies you for anything. So good luck!

 -Mike Myers from the Love Gury says: Every man gets cake on his birthday. A lucky man BLOWS his own candle.

 -The Love Guru believes: The longer the day, the bigger your KARMA!

 -The Love Guru is sending you love, peace and plenty of [D]evotion, [I]nspiration, [C]larity and [K]nowledge (DICK)!


 Horoscopes - General

 Horoscopes - Romantic

Election 2008

 Election 2008 - Barack Obama

 Election 2008 - John McCain

Icebox Shows

 Icebox Shows - Garbage Island

 -Boot Camp

 -Orphans, Inc.

 -The Lost Children, Part II

 -The Lost Children, Part I

 -Toy City, Part II

 Icebox Shows - Elvis and Jack Mysteries

 -E. Pluribus Murder

 -The Greatest Mystery is Love

 -Twin Killing

 -The Bullet Hole

 Icebox Shows - Hard Drinkin' Lincoln

 -Robot Trouble

 -The Rocky Hitler Picture Show

 -Randy Gandhi, Part II, Oh Calcutta

 -Randy Gandhi

 -Super Abe

 Icebox Shows - Heaven

 -Jack and Terry and Lee and Diana

 -All's Well With Oswald

 -Jack and Diana

 -Holy Mother Theresa!

 -The Bar Is Alive With The Sound Of Satan

 Icebox Shows - Hidden Celebrity Webcam

 -Britney Spears

 -Bill Clinton

 -Martha Stewart

 -Bill Gates

 -Bob Dylan

 Icebox Shows - Jesus and His Brothers

 -Not the Last Supper.

 -The Trip to Damascus.

 -The Sermon on the Mount.

 -The Story of Marty.

 Icebox Shows - Meet The Millers

 -It's The Music Man!

 -Identical Cousins

 -Winning Isn't Everything.

 -Making The Grade Better.

 -Husbands Know Best.

 Icebox Shows - Midge and Buck

 -Episode Five

 -Episode Four

 -Episode Three

 -Episode Two

 -Episode One

 Icebox Shows - Migraine Boy

 -Daily Comic Strip

 Icebox Shows - Mr. Wong

 -Urine Trouble, Part II

 -Urine Trouble, Part I

 Icebox Shows - Navy Bear

 -Episode Five

 -Episode Four

 -Episode Three

 -Episode Two

 -Episode One

 Icebox Shows - Poker Night




 -Five of A Kind


 Icebox Shows - Queer Duck

 -A Gay Outing

 -Oscar's Wild

 -Quack Doctor

 -The Gay Road to Morocco

 -Ku Klux Klan & Ollie

 Icebox Shows - Rock n Roll Dad

 -The Seeds of Greatness

 -Kindrid Spirits

 -The Sound of Horny Monkeys

 -From Anger to Rage and Back

 Icebox Shows - Senior House

 -The Big Game

 -Lumpy Smells A Rat

 -Laughing Matters

 -The Best Medicine

 -Senor House

 Icebox Shows - Starship Regulars


 -Enemy Engaged




 Icebox Shows - Stupid Little Men

 -Comic Strip 3

 -Comic Strip 2

 -Comic Strip 1

 Icebox Shows - Superhero Roommate

 -Utilities, Part I

 -Maxim, Part II

 -Maxim, Part 1

 -Messages, Part II

 -Messages, Part I

 Icebox Shows - Supermodels

 -Supermodel No More

 -Big Model on Campus

 -Waste is a Terrible Thing to Mind

 -Drop Dead Gorges

 -Rubber at the South Pole.

 Icebox Shows - The Paula Principle

 -The Paula Principle

 Icebox Shows - Twisted

 -Episode I

 -Episode IX

 -Episode VIII

 -Episode VII

 -Episode VI

 Icebox Shows - Zombie College



 -A Snack For None And All

 -Zombie, All to Zombie

 -The Will to Devour

Sony Minisodes

 Sony Minisodes - Charlie's Angels

 -Angels in Chains

 Sony Minisodes - What's Happening

 -Nothing Personnel

 Sony Minisodes - Fantasy Island


 Sony Minisodes - Starsky & Hutch

 -The Fix

 Sony Minisodes - Bewitched

 -A Is For Aardvark

 Sony Minisodes - Diff'rent Strokes


 Sony Minisodes - T. J. Hooker

 -The Chicago Connection

 Sony Minisodes - Facts Of Life

 -And Into The Frying Pan

 Sony Minisodes - Silver Spoons

 -Toy Wonder

 Sony Minisodes - Partridge Family

 -The Eleven Year Itch

 -The Eleven Year Itch

 Sony Minisodes - V.I.P.

 -Analyze Val

 Sony Minisodes - Who's The Boss?

 -Sports Buddies

 Sony Minisodes - Dilbert


 Sony Minisodes - Ricki Lake

 -I'm in Love with a Woman...and a Man

 Sony Minisodes - Police Woman

 -The Score

 Sony Minisodes - I Dream of Jeannie

 -Moving Finger

 Sony Minisodes - Spider-Man

 -The Party

 Sony Minisodes - Voltron

 -Princess Joins Up

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