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When creating a card, why do I get a message saying "Invalid Email Address..."
If you receive this message, it is likely that you have entered an improperly formatted email address on a greeting card. In this situation, you will be prompted to return to the previous page to correct the address.

The following are some common problems & solutions:
  • The email address entered does not contain all the proper parts. Examples:

    • Every email address MUST have an @ sign in it.
      • - john.aol.com WRONG
      • - john@aol.com RIGHT

    • Don't forget the end part of the address.
      • - john WRONG
      • - john@aol WRONG
      • - john@aol.com RIGHT

  • The email address cannot contain certain characters such as spaces, quotes, etc. Examples:

    • No spaces allowed (look closely, one blank space is difficult to detect).
      • - john @aol.com WRONG
      • - john@aol.com RIGHT

We do our best to help you identify improperly formatted email addresses before a greeting card is mailed.

An improperly formatted email address can be easily overlooked by the sender of a card, and we provide a checking system that will help notify you and provide an opportinity for the address to be corrected.

Improperly formatted addresses are those which contain characters (or combinations of characters) that are not standard, and are rejected by Internet mail servers.

If you continue to receive this message, and you are certain that the email address you are attempting to enter is a valid email address, please send us email at: comments@regards.com

We hope this section has been helpful in answering you question, if you continue to have problems, don't hesitate to send us your question by email at any time.

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