Using the eCard Widget

The FREE eCard Widget will allow you to display our most popular eCards right on your own website or blog. Our editors select the most popular eCards on the site and each of these selections will show up automatically on your website or blog. These are the same Category Favorite selections which appear each day on our homepage.

To use the FREE widget simply copy the HTML code that appears in the textbox and paste it into the appropriate area of your website or blog. There is no programming required. Your ISP or blog provider should offer simple instructions for doing this, but we would be happy to help too. Feel free to email through the Contact Us link found at the bottom of each page.

We offer several different color palettes and eCard layouts. You can even change or remove the introductory text that appears above the eCard thumbnails. All of these options are displayed right below the textbox which contains the HTML code. If you do change any options be sure to press the refresh & preview button which will both update the HTML code and allow you to preview how your new options will appear to your visitors.

Displaying Captions
The Widget code that we offer in the textbox does not display the captions below the eCard thumbnails. However, if you wish to display the same captions that we show on the REGARDS.COM homepage you can easily do this. There are two steps that you'll need to follow:
  1. Look through the code and find &nocap=1. Simply remove this piece of code to display the captions.
  2. You'll need to increase the height of the widget now that the captions are displayed. Look through the code and find height=" px". There will be a number before the term px. You'll need to increase the number until all of the cards AND captions show up correctly. This might take a bit of tinkering to get it right, but it shouldn't take too long.

Terms of Use of the eCard Widget

The eCards Widget is FREE for you to use on your website or blog. However, there are a few requirements:

  1. You must display the powered by REGARDS.COM ecards text below the Widget along with the hyperlink back to the REGARDS.COM homepage. Feel free to change the font color or style and you can even change the font size, as long as the size is at least 10 pixels.
  2. The widget is made available to you as is. We have done our best to ensure that the widget will work correctly with your website and that the graphic images and text will display correctly. We will also make every attempt to help you with any problems if you contact us via the Contact Us link at the bottom of each page. However, we take no responsibility if there are any problems getting the code to work and if the graphics do not display correctly on your website or blog. Please check back on this page, from time to time, to see if the HTML code has been updated or modified.
  3. We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use from time to time without notice